Kaitlin Frasier is an assistant research scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. She is interested in questions relating to the use and transmission of sound in marine environments, including understanding production and use of sound by marine organisms, physical processes, and human activities, as well as using these sound sources to learn about offshore and deepwater systems.

Autonomous passive acoustic recording, the basis for the majority of Dr.Frasier’s work, is an increasingly popular strategy for monitoring remote and inaccessible habitats, however it generates large volumes of complex unlabeled data. She is particularly interested in development of algorithms for extracting information from these types datasets, and in design of methods for synthesizing data across platforms and regions. Her goal is to use these types of computational solutions to address ecological conservation and restoration challenges.

Dr. Frasier is the primary investigator for the Scripps Machine Listening Laboratory. Prior to her appointment to assistant research scientist in 2020, she held positions as a project scientist, postdoctoral researcher with the Scripps Whale Acoustics Lab. She earned a PhD in biological oceanography from Scripps in 2015.